Angela House

To successfully transition women back into society after incarceration.

KIPP volunteers

KIPP Liberation Student Volunteers

 What do Volunteers do at Angela House?

There is no limit to the volunteer projects available!


Some of the tasks our volunteers have done in the past:

  • Helped with administrative tasks: Phone calls, scheduling appointments, paperwork, filing, etc…
  • Organized our clothing room and donations
  • Tutored women to help them obtain their GED
  • Taught basic computer knowledge
  • Transported women to appointments
  • Coordinated community events for our women to attend (i.e.: plays, performances at the symphony, baseball games, etc…)
  • Lead gardening workshops
  • Lead cooking/health and nutrition classes
  • Fundraisers and donation drives
NL Clothing Room 2 June 2015 

   Sign Up to be a Volunteer!

 We have volunteer opportunities available right now.  Please check out our volunteer sign up page as well as our available volunteer shifts.  If you know you want to volunteer, but the available shifts don't work for you, use the sign up page, enter your info and email or call us to set up your volunteer time.  If one or more of the shifts work out for you, use the volunteer shift page to sign up for one or more specific shifts.

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YES Prep Volunteers 2016

 Creative Ideas Are Welcome!

 The most successful volunteer projects at Angela House have been organically created by the volunteers themselves! If you have an idea that you would like to bring to Angela House, please call us and we will help make the idea a reality. Call us at Angela House (281)445-9696 or email us at




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