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To successfully transition women back into society after incarceration.

Dr. Andrea Link

 Dr. Andrea Link comes to us via Healthcare for the Homeless Houston's Healthy and Whole program.  She did her undergraduate work at Brown University and her medical training and residency in pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine.  After several years as a pediatrician with Texas Children's Hospital, she had a shift in her clinical interests and spent three years working with incarcerated women at Harris County Jail as part of Healthcare for the Homeless Houston’s Jail Inreach Program. 

From her experiences working with these women, she developed "Healthy and Whole" an innovative and multi-modal program to help women recovering from prostitution and human trafficking.  The program features wellness, health education, healing through the arts, peer support, employment counseling and psycho-educational programming. It is the first program in the country for women exiting prostitution that was developed as a partnership between a medical school and a residential treatment program.

Dr. Link also researches the psychosocial and medical issues involved in street-level prostitution, and lectures on the subject at national and international conferences. Recent publications include “Collaborations Across and Within Systems That Provide Services to Families Without Homes” in Supporting Homeless Families: Current Practices and Future Directions and “The need for an innovative approach to improve the health and well-being of street-level prostitutes” in Human Trafficking and Prostitution: Global Prevalence, Gender Perspectives and Health Risks. Recent awards include the Greater Houston Service Award from Volunteer Houston, Doctors for Change Health Care Advocacy Award, the Matthew Carter Service Award and the John P. McGovern Health Champion Award.  She is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and is a board member of the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship.


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