Angela House

To successfully transition women back into society after incarceration.

Our Women - Who we Serve

A maximum of sixteen women reside at Angela House where their basic needs of shelter, food, and clothing are met. Our residents are women who are typically homeless or at risk of being homeless and who have few if any resources with which to begin the process of moving toward stable residency and productive lives. Most participants are economically poor, and need housing, counseling, dental, medical and legal assistance, jobs and often, retraining or education to support themselves and their families.

Many have had minimal work experience and the jobs they have held in the past are typically entry-level positions that earned minimum wage. Incarceration only exacerbates the economic disparity our women have experienced by removing them from the workforce. Budget constraints have all but removed education and vocational training once offered in prisons and jails. While many of our women held jobs at the facility they were incarcerated, it is difficult to talk about these positions with potential employers upon their release. Many businesses refuse to hire people with felony backgrounds and our women struggle to obtain gainful employment as a result. Incarceration also further exacerbates already strained familial relationships. Our residents cannot rely on economic support from families who are also struggling financially.



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