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Let it Rise Internship

TRACY CALDWELL – interned at PONDICHERI, an innovative & nourishing Indian food restaurant in Houston, Texas, where traditional Indian flavors are infused with local & organic ingredients.

Tracy at Pondicheri



Tracy expressed that she enjoyed participating in this internship. “It was something new from my background of being in the kitchen and the experience of learning was amazing. I love everything about it. The setting was beautiful and comfortable to work and eat. It is an awesome place.” When asked if her expectations were met after the internship, her response was “Well, I was looking to be hired after the internship, and I did. I got a permanent position as a lead cook. All that I learned came in handy, thanks to Pondicheri. I learned a lot of different stuff, and I can use this experience where ever I go.”

“We definitely enjoyed having Tracy as an intern at Pondicheri. We had her focus on several different areas of preparation in our Bake Lab Kitchen. She initially did preparations for the downstairs restaurant that included making naan dough, roti dough, samosas among other things. Then we switched her over to some pastry prep, where she was able to do basic prep like scooping cookies and assembling ingredients. We felt she progressed well throughout the two weeks and we enjoyed having her. She was professional and timely, and seemed to enjoy herself being here as well.” – MARY GILLILAND

• HIRE DATE: May 29, 2017
• JOB TITLE: Head Cook (full-time with benefits at Garden Highway Foods)
• WORK DUTIES: Prepares food for packing and distribution


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