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Let it Rise Internship


LAUREN BROCK – had her internship at A FARE EXTRAORDINAIRE, a luxury catering, event planning and design company.

A Fare ExtraordinareLauran at AFE 2Lauren at AFE 1

According to Lauren, the internship was such an amazing learning experience and she enjoyed it. “I liked the fact that the staff always worked as at team. I expected to be able to learn everything in three weeks, which was not possible. However, I learned a lot, from how to run a catering business to ingredients, knife skills and plating.”

Ryan Bouillet shared that Lauren was eager to learn, punctual and had expressed the desire to be there. These qualities have been considered as her strengths while doing her internship. He also added that he enjoyed participating in this program and would gladly welcome another intern in the future.

• Lauren is in culinary school and has been asked to apply for a job at AFE as soon as she graduates.


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