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Let it Rise Intersnship

KEYANDA OAKS – was an intern at CANOPY, an American restaurant offering 21st-century comfort food, making it a fine choice for lunch and brunch and is highly recommended for date night or dinner.

 CanopyKayanda at Canopy 1Keyanda at Canopy 2

“I enjoyed participating in the internship. I got to understand many things, those I did not know. I was able to make things on my own. When I did good, they praised me and they let me know that a mistake does not mean a failure. The environment was very friendly. Everyone worked together and the owner treated us like family. I believe that with an open mind, all things are possible.” – Keyanda

“Keyanda had enthusiasm for assigned tasks. She showed good efforts in recipe learning and had good organizational skills. Her positive energy and professional attitude add to her strengths as an intern. She is eager to learn, which is not always evident in most new hires. Keyanda has an aptitude for cooking. She handles a knife well. Knife skills class and even culinary school will further her skills if she chooses to pursue a career in the culinary field.” – Claire Smith & Julie Hewitt

• INTERNSHIP DATE: July 26, 2017
• INTERNSHIP DUTIES: Bakes pastries


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