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Let it Rise Intership


CONNIE WOODARD - spent her internship program at TINY’S MILK AND COOKIES, a bustling, pint-sized fixture known for their signature chocolate chip cookies, pastries, ice cream & espresso drinks offered at their counter.

Tinys Milk and Cookies Connie at TMC 2

Connie at TMC 1a









Despite being outside of her comfort zone, Connie admitted that she found herself enjoying her job and looking forward to each new day. “It is a great place to work. I can do something I love and make good money at the same time. I worked hard and I was offered a full time position as pastry chef.”

“Connie was very positive, always smiling. She was always on time, if not, early for her shifts. She always went the extra mile and never complained. She listened to all instructions and did the work as requested. She got better at her organization each day. This job can be very physical, so at times, I worry that it would be too much for her, but she’s strong and has solid work ethics. She was very good and exceeded my expectations. I hired Connie!” – Valerie Stanley

• INTERNSHIP DATE: March 6, 2017 – March 17, 2017
• HIRE DATE: March 17, 2017
• JOB TITLE: Pastry Chef at Tiny’s – fulltime with full benefits
• WORK DUTIES: Prepares and makes cookies, bread, biscuits, waffle cone batter and cherry turnovers.


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