Angela House

To successfully transition women back into society after incarceration.


How to apply and other important facts

Q: Who is eligible for residency at Angela House?
A: Women who are currently incarcerated and looking for transitional housing may apply to Angela House.  
     1. At this time, we CANNOT accept anyone on probation or parole, due to a city ordinance.
     2. Applicants must not be violent offenders or have physical child abuse charges. 

Q: How does one get accepted to Angela House?
A: To begin the application process, we ask the incarcerated women who are interested to write to us, giving a brief history and stating why they are interested in Angela House.  Next, we send back an Inquiry form to be filled out.  This form asks for information needed for staff to review and make a determination.  Once a determination is made, a letter with the decision is sent back to the applicant.  This process can take some time, so please do not wait until the last minute to contact us.

Q: What if I (or my friend/family member) just got out of jail and I haven't applied, but I want to come to Angela House?
A: We are sorry, but we cannot accept those who have not applied and been accepted into the program.

Q: What if I was accepted, but I didn't come straight to Angela House upon my release.
A: We are sorry, but as stated in the information given about our program, you must come to Angela House directly upon release.  Failure to do so will result in your acceptance being terminated.  

Q: What if I have a friend or family member that I think could benefit from the program at Angela House?
A: If you have a friend or family member that you think could benefit from Angela House and that person is still incarcerated, you may download and print the inquiry form and give it to them (if permitted by the penal facility) and instruct them to write a letter, fill out the form, and send it to us.  Often, there are jail inreach programs and Chaplains who already have our information or who will be happy to pass it on if asked.  You may also provide the person with our name and address and instruct them to write a letter with a brief history and why they want to come to Angela House, then send it to us.

Q: Is Angela House an emergency shelter?
A: No, Angela House is not an emergency shelter and does not accept women who have not applied and been accepted before their release from incarceration.

Q: What if I am pregnant, can I still come to Angela House?
A: No, Angela House is not licensed to house pregnant women or children.  

Q: Are children allowed to stay at Angela House?
A:Children are allowed to visit during visitation times, however, they may not reside at Angela House.


Our mailing address is:

Angela House
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