Angela House

To successfully transition women back into society after incarceration.


Angela House is centered around a unique program that focuses on the whole woman, not just one or two aspects of her transition.  See what some of our women have to say about Angela House and how our program has and is changing their lives.



LaSian Dollarhide

Angela House, for me, was the last stop on the block.  When I came here September 16, 2015, I never would have imagined I would be this far in my progression back to society.  Angela House is not just a transitional living facility, it is an oasis at the end of a long journey through the desert.  They have helped me in every way I could have ever thought of needing help and then some.  They not only work on our smooth transition into society, they focus on the whole person mentally, physically, spiritually, socially as well as our recovery.  I had never heard of Angela House before the day I arrived here.  But I promise you, Angela House will forever be, from this day forward at the forefront of my mind and heart because this is the place that gave me my new life and did it with unconditional love.  The last thing I can say about Angela House is because everything about Angela House is great.  I thank God for his Divine intervention.


Michelle Ludwig

I've only been here for one month, but already I see and feel a change in myself.  I used to feel so dead inside, like I had no future left.  No hope!  Today, I have life in my spirit.  I know I have an amazing future and I have so much hope in my heart.  There is so much in this home!  Angela House has already helped me believe in myself again.  Angela House has given me back my like.  All this in one month.  I can't wait to see me in one year.  Thank you Angela House!

GlendaB opt

Glenda Boatwright

Update: Our dear Glenda passed in Spetember of 2016.  She succumbed to cancer after a hard fought battle.  She was an inspiration to us all and is truly missed.

Hello, my name is Glenda Boatwright and I would like to tell the whole world about Angela House.  God's grace and mercy brought me to  Angela House.  On august 27, 2015, I had done six months at Plane State.  I put an application to come to Angela House and was approved.  I arrived September 21, 2015.  Here I've begun a process that will enable me to become a drug free, productive citizen in my community.  Angela House provides many different classes, such as Seeking Safety, Shame Resilience, writing, photography, yoga, hip hop exercise, centering prayer and many more.  All of the classes and function that are offered to us, really provide a both mental and physical healthiness that has changed me as a whole.  I've been diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer.  I couldn't have asked for a better support system.  Sr. Maureen and staff have encouraged me through all my procedures.  I nominated Sr. Maureen for the Houston Chronicle Community Heroes and guess what?  She was selected, because to me and the many ladies who have transitioned through Angela House, she's our hero!  Especially mine!


Becky Guinn

When I was in county jail, a pastor came though.  She was leaving our tank and I was hoping to get a moment of her time.  I was desperate.  I told her that I was getting out soon and I didn't watn to go back to the streets.  I had heard about Angela House and how wonderful it was and what a high success rate that they had.  I knew in my heart, that's the place I needed to be.  I filled out an application and prayed every day and night to come here.  Since I have been here, I have learned more about myself than any of the seven other rehabs I've been in.  They really care about our welfare.  The staff and onsite psychotherapist really take the time to understand our needs and where we are in our recovery; and help us each step along the way.  I think I can really make it this time, and it's because of Angela House' care that I can.


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